Letter Writing

Saturday letter writing workshops allow young men to consistently write letters to their incarcerated parents while also strengthening literacy skills. Letter writing workshops are free and open to any young man in Detroit, ages 10 to 18 with a mom or dad currently behind bars.


Prison Visits

Financial assistance is available for in and out of state prison visits. 

Group Counseling

Feelings matter and when they aren't expressed, can lead to unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. Group counseling sessions consist of a safe and supportive environment for young men to express complex emotions. Counselors help participants develop healthy coping strategies.



Are you an adult that had an incarcerated parent as a child? Or are you committed to supporting youth? Contact us today to join our dedicated team of volunteers.

Field Trips

Field trips allow participants an opportunity to have fun and connect with other young men impacted by parental incarceration. 


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