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3D in the NEWS

Developing Despite Distance, or 3D, is a Detroit organization committed to helping young men stay connected to their incarcerated parents.

The organization, called 3D for short, says more than 2.7 million children in America currently have a mother or father in prison.

As part of the program, young men ages 10 to 18 participate in bi-weekly letter writing sessions and receive financial support for prison visits.


Group leaders also provide counseling support, help with homework and attend... Read the full article on

For many kids, Saturday mornings are for sleeping in, cartoons, or early morning sports practice. But for a small group of young men gathered at Detroit’s Northwest Activity Center, Saturdays mornings mean much more.

“It makes me feel sad and mad sometimes. I just feel frustrated that he’s away,” said Valdez, a sixth grader and native of Detroit.

Valdez is part of Developing Despite Distance, a non-profit organization offering support to young men of color with... Read the full article on

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