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Why do you keep sending your boys to 3D?

I love the fact that Tiffany hooks the children up with mentors and people going through similar situations, so they have can have someone to talk to. For a while there were a lot of things that were occurring as far as anger issues or feeling upset because they would see other children with their fathers which would bother them but they didn’t wanna talk to me about it. Being in a group gave them the chance to open up to people that had experienced similar situations and were able to help them figure out how to better go on about going through life with these problems.

- A 3D Mother

Would you recommend 3D to other familes?

I would because I’ve seen major changes occur in my boys because of their involvement in the program. And I love the fact that they have positive mentors, positive role models that have been sticking with them, you know, for all this time, talking with them, working with them, helping them out, you know just being there. That’s really been a big help.

- A 3D Mother

Describe the relationships you've made in 3D.


- A 3D Participant

What do you like most about 3D?

We always have activities to do—something fun. And we talk about our feelings at the beginning of group and then we talk about our feelings after the group. I don’t really express my feelings in life except in 3D.

- A 3D Participant

How has 3D helped you communicate with your father?

When I first found 3D I was 11. They asked me if I had an incarcerated parent, and I said my dad. They asked me questions, like do I talk to him, and at that time, I didn't really talk to him talk to him. I visited him like one time and that was because my mom used to take me up there. After that I started going to 3D and I started writing him, because every time I started to get around to writing him before, it was like 'I'm not gonna sit here and write this'. But at 3D, they helped me write him. We sat down, Ms. Brown would turn on some music, we'd get some food, and we just start writing our parents. She put money in the phone too. It was nice.

- A 3D Participant

Tell me about the friends you've made in 3D.

They are the people who are gonna understand. Like I know some kids at my school who have incarcerated parents, but they just don’t talk about it. At 3D with Ms. Brown, we talk about it—yeah, the kids at 3D are really open.

- A 3D Participant

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